Google's most searched terms in the UK revealed

The Rugby World Cup, Chernobyl, Love Island and Caitlyn Jenner all featured in Google's most searched terms in the UK.

The search engine has revealed some of its most searched terms through its 2019 Year in Search, with some surprising inclusions.

The Rugby World Cup topped the overall trending searches in the UK for 2019, where England finished runners-up to South Africa in the competition.

Continuing the sporting theme, the Cricket World Cup finished second on the search list, where England managed to go one better than the rugby team and walk away world champions.

Television shows featured prominently for the search engine, with a controversial final series of Game of Thrones attracting a lot of attention for fans, coming in third in the overall list.

HBO's highly acclaimed historical drama Chernobyl, which recalls the fall-out from the nuclear reactor explosion in the 1980s, came fourth.

British reality television showed no signs of slowing down, with ITV shows Love Island and I'm a Celebrity placing third and fifth in the top-trending television shows for 2019.

Line Of Duty was one of the top-trending TV shows of 2019. Credit: Aiden Monaghan/World Productions/BBC/PA

The BBC series’ Line of Duty, His Dark Materials, Luther and Killing Eve also claimed top 10 places this year.

Love Island generated a lot of searches with Tommy Fury, Love Island star and brother of boxer Tyson Fury, placing fourth in the top-trending celebrities, and “What is a dead ting?” featuring in this year’s top "What is..?" questions, after winner Amber Gill used the phrase to describe a fellow contestant (it means "boring").

However, more Googled than "dead tings" was the question: “What is Area 51?”, which took the top spot in the “What is..?” list. More than two million people responded to a joke proposal to storm the United States Air Force facility amid recent conspiracy theories.

Boris Johnson was beaten to top spot of this year's celebrities by Olympic gold medalist and reality television star Caitlyn Jenner, who has also appeared on this season of ITV's I'm a Celebrity.

Second place was beauty guru and YouTuber, James Charles, who has now amassed over 16 million subscribers on his channel, and in third place is Prince Andrew, Duke of York.

The Prime Minister came in fifth place behind boxer and former Love Island star Tommy Fury.

Boxer Tommy Fury from Love Island was one of the most searched celebrities in 2019. Credit: PA

Other queries which had the UK turning to Google include “How to pronounce Psalm” after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West revealed it was the name of their fourth child.

Kirstin Wright, a Google Trends expert said: “The 2019 Year in Search lists not only reveal the most popular trends from the past 12 months, but also give insight into the biggest events in the news, politics, sports, entertainment and even the latest lingo.

"As people continue to look for information in new and different ways, Google Search keeps evolving to make the world’s information accessible and useful to all.”

So what were some of the most searched terms?

UK Top Trending Queries:

  • Rugby World Cup

  • Cricket World Cup

  • Game of Thrones

  • Chernobyl

  • Thanos

  • Notre Dame

  • Avengers Endgame

  • iPhone 11

  • Caitlyn Jenner

  • Joker

What is...?

  • What is Area 51?

  • What is the backstop?

  • What is D Day?

  • What is Finn’s Law?

  • What is a super over in cricket?

  • What is Article 50?

  • What is a dead ting?

  • What is Article 13?

  • What is a VSCO girl?

  • What is quark?

Most Googled Celebrities:

  • Caitlyn Jenner

  • James Charles

  • Prince Andrew

  • Tommy Fury

  • Boris Johnson

  • Jeremy Kyle

  • Adele Roberts

  • Liam Neeson

  • R Kelly

  • Nadine Coyle

Most Googled TV Shows:

  • Game of Thrones

  • Chernobyl

  • Love Island

  • Line of Duty

  • I’m a Celebrity

  • Stranger Things

  • His Dark Materials

  • When They See Us

  • Luther

  • Killing Eve

Most Googled sporting events:

  • Rugby World Cup

  • Cricket World Cup

  • Wimbledon

  • Women’s World Cup

  • KSI vs Logan Paul 2

  • Ashes

  • Six Nations

  • Grand National

  • Champions League Final

  • Liverpool vs Man City