Liberal Democrats leader Jo Swinson has restated her position that her party would never enter a coalition with either the Conservatives or a Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn, but suggested she could work with another Labour leader.

Appearing on ITV's Peston, Ms Swinson said that while "Liberal Democrat votes will never put Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10" she would "work in a cooperative way with people who share my values, with people who share our goals and our objectives".

Should Thursday's General Election result in a hung Parliament, the 39-year-old said she could not back either Mr Johnson who had gone "too close to Nigel Farage" in terms of policy, or Mr Corbyn due to his "neutrality" over the issue of Brexit and his "failure to deal with the issue of anti-Semitism in his party".

The Labour leader has repeatedly insisted there is “no place” in his party for anti-Semitism and during an interview with ITV's This Morning last week, Mr Corbyn said he was "very sorry" for "everything that has happened" in his party regarding it.

Also appearing on ITV News' Political Editor's weekly programme was shadow chancellor John McDonnell who said Labour would never go into a coalition due to "principle".

"It's not tribalism, it's principle," Mr McDonnell told Robert Peston.

"We believe in the way we want society changed, we're socialists, so we adhere to those principles and in elections people want to be able to vote for a Labour party with those principles."

He continued people vote for parties because candidates "stand on their ideas on how society should be changed" and forming a coalition would not deliver on this.

However, Labour's Rosie Duffiled disagreed with Mr McDonnell and said she would be happy for her party to form a coalition which would bring about a people's vote on Brexit.