• By ITV News Content Producer David Williams

It's only 13 days until Christmas but only one of them gives you the chance to help decide who'll govern us all for potentially the next five years and that's today.

With the five-week 2019 election campaign now officially over, adults in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will exercise their democratic rights on Thursday at polling stations across 650 constituencies.

Are animals and children allowed in while you vote? Can you legally take a selfie while voting? Where are some of the oddest places to mark the ballot paper in this election?

Those questions are all answered below, after we mark your card for today's key timings and introduce who's taking part in the box office ITV News election results coverage overnight.

Here’s what's in store today:

  • Voters across 650 constituencies in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will cast their ballots at polling stations that opened at 7am

  • ITV News will bring you the key election day moments as the main party leaders all add their votes during the course of the day

  • Election 2019 Live: The Results begins on ITV at 9.55pm

  • Polling stations will close across the country at 10pm as counting begins

  • The result of the 2019 joint UK broadcasters’ Exit Poll will be issued at 10pm before the first seat results are expected around 11pm

  • Most results will be announced by the early hours of Friday

Election 2019 Live: The Results

Tom Bradby and the 2019 ITV News election team will be joined by a range of expert voices. Credit: ITV News

Tom Bradby will return as the lead presenter tonight, joined once again in the studio by the breakout TV stars of the last election, Ed Balls and George Osborne.

You can settle in for an enthralling long watch at 9.55pm on ITV, follow it here at itv.com/news or through the ITV News accounts on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

We'll be sharing all the highlights from the night and key slices of analysis on social media too.

Tom's looking forward to it:

So who else is in the "truly great team" joining him through the night?

Former Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson leads a stellar cast of insiders providing unrivalled insight and analysis, alongside:

  • Jo Johnson, Boris Johnson's brother and former Conservative minister

  • Jon Lansman, the chair of Momentum

  • Gisela Stewart, the chair of Vote Leave and ex-Labour MP

  • Alan Johnson, the Labour heavyweight and former home secretary

  • Fiona Hill, Theresa May’s former chief-of-staff

There are many more besides, including a host of top journalists and political influencers.

Plus, ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston and ITV News National Editor Allegra Stratton will analyse the political fallout, aided by a journalist at every count around the UK, which will make ITV News once again the fastest to deliver the results.

Our resident Election Experts Professor Jane Green and Professor Colin Rallings will spot the trends of the night after first interrogating the results of the joint UK broadcasters’ Exit Poll.

Professor Jane Green and Professor Colin Rallings will explain analyse the results. Credit: ITV News

Nina Hossain will present from the Election Newsroom – which features Peston co-presenter Anushka Asthana and her touchscreen from the programme – to take viewers behind the scenes as the count comes in.

Ahead of the night Tom enthused: "We will deliver intelligent conversation and the inside track as we analyse the results and what they mean for the next government."

Today's question: Where are the oddest places you can vote in the general election?

Pubs, boxing rings and even a castle are being used as polling stations this year. Credit: PA/ITV News

Would you like a beer with your ballot paper?

What about a haircut?

Or how about a grand tour of an 11th century castle?

All are options for some lucky people at the election today.

Here's a quick tour of the most unusual places to vote.

All you need to know about voting

Dr Kenneth Bell voted in the European elections with his daughter Victoria on her wedding day in Co. Antrim. Credit: PA

Election day has finally arrived but if you've never voted before or can't remember how, you might have a few questions.

Knowing where to go and what you need to bring are important details you need to get right.

But are you allowed to bring your dogs inside? Can children come? And can you take a selfie?

Here are the answers to nine election questions you might have before casting your ballot.

What's happening away from the election?

Here's what else is making the news today: