It's the big day.

No, it's not quite Christmas but polling day.

In the last General Election some 42,000 polling stations cropped up in sports venues, community halls and even churches to help the electorate cast their vote.

But what are some of the more unusual polling stations across the UK in 2019?

  • Hair Salon

Welsh hair salon Asylum is a polling station for another year. Credit: PA

Voters in the welsh town of Merthyr Tydfil decide which candidate makes the cut in the unusually named hair salon 'Asylum'.

Dawn Meyrick - who works at the hair salon - has lent out her business to voters for another year.

She told ITV News: "I've been doing it for quite a few years now, almost eight years, I think."

The hair salon was selected as a polling station when the local church and school were no longer available.

But surprisingly opening the doors hasn't given the business a boost.

She said: "We don't really get any new customers, just the regulars."

Ms Meyrick worked on Monday - when the business is usually closed - to make up for closing all day on Thursday.

  • Boxing Club

Rotunda Boxing ring is one of Liverpool's biggest clubs but on election day they open their doors to voters. Credit: PA

The people of Liverpool can step into the ring to cast their vote at the Rotunda Boxing Club.

Trustee Frank Vaudrey told ITV News: "It's one of the biggest boxing clubs in the city and when we hire it out we get a bit of income which helps the club."

The club holds classes for all ages and ability.

He added: "We get people training, people in their 60s and we hold regular classes for people with disabilities such as downs syndrome."

The club regular also wished there would be no "dirty blows" when the result is announced.

  • Castle

Tonbridge castle is used for voters in Kent as it's home to a range of council services. Credit: ITV News

Perhaps the best way to crown the winner of this year's election is inside a castle.

For voters in the Tonbridge and Malling constituency in Kent, they get to make their voices heard inside the historical site once destroyed by one of William the Conqueror's sons.

The 11th century attraction is open to tourists and home to a range of council services such as the regions Citizens Advice Bureau.

Jon Steel from Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council told ITV News: "The castle will be open on election day so people can combine casting their vote with taking a tour and learning about the castle’s fascinating history."

Tonbridge Council acquired the Grade I listed building in 1900 and has used it as a polling station for many years.

Castle Manager Laura Mason told ITV News: "It’s certainly a beautiful historic location to come and cast your vote.

"I’m sure some of the many people we see on election day may want to come back to experience the full tour and enjoy the breath-taking views from the top of the tower."

  • Pub

'The Pub with No Name' is another polling station this year. Credit: PA

What might be a dream scenario for some - sipping on a pint in the middle of the day - is a reality for voters in East Hampshire.

The White Horse Inn - also known as 'The Pub With No Name' - serves pints as well as a polling station.

Landlord Elizabeth Fogg, who has been the landlord for 10 years, is expecting at least 100 punters turning up to vote.

She told PA: “It’s quite interesting, people come in and talk to you about how nice it is to have it in a pub.

“It’s different, you can have a drink and a packet of crisps while you’re here.

“But I think people will vote in this election regardless – it’s an important one.”

Locals can also vote at a used car centre and Petersfield's Town Football Club as they open their doors to the public on election day.