Nicola Sturgeon: Election result 'watershed moment' for Scotland

  • Video report by ITV News Scotland Correspondent Peter Smith

Nicola Sturgeon has said the result of the General Election is a "watershed moment" for Scotland after her party secured 80 per cent of the country's seats.

Delivering her first speech after the election results were revealed; the Scottish National Party leader declared the "future desired by the majority in Scotland is different to that chosen by the rest of the UK".

The SNP secured 48 of the 59 seats north of the border, kicking the Tories and Labour from key strongholds. Among its wins is the East Dunbartonshire seat of Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson.

She claimed her party's victory validates the outcome of the European Union referendum, in which Scotland overwhelmingly voted to remain with in the trading bloc. It will now launch a battle for a second indpenednece referendum as early as next week.

Ms Sturgeon said: "During this campaign, I said repeatedly that all elections are important but that this one really mattered. I said the very future of Scotland was on the line.

"Last night was indeed a watershed moment."

Scotland has 'rejected Boris Johnson' claims SNP leader

During a Friday afternoon speech at the Dynamic Earth centre in Edinburgh, the first minister announced: "Scotland has rejected Boris Johnson and the Tories and, yet again, we have said no to Brexit.

"Firstly, it is now clear beyond any doubt that the overwhelming majority of people in Scotland want to remain in the European Union," Ms Sturgeon added.

"That verdict was first delivered in the referendum in 2016. It was re-inforced in the general election of 2017. It was strengthened in the European election earlier this year. And last night it was emphatically confirmed.

"Westminster has ignored people in Scotland for three years. Last night the people of Scotland said - enough. It is time for Boris Johnson to start listening.

"I accept - regretfully - that he has a mandate for Brexit in England. But he has no mandate whatsoever to take Scotland out of the EU."

SNP to launch battle for IndyRef2 next week

The SNP surged in Scotland to secure 80 per cent of the country's Westminster seats. Credit: PA

Ms Sturgeon said the Scottish Parliament will publish a "detailed democratic case" for a transfer of power to enable a second referendum on Scottish independence next week.

She affirmed the publication isn't about seeking permission from Downing Street to hold the ballot, stating it is "the democratic right of the people of Scotland to determine their own future."

Within her victory statement, the SNP leader was unreserved in her words to Boris Johnson.

"Prime minister, let me be clear. This is not simply a demand that I or the SNP are making. It is the right of the people of Scotland - and you as the leader of a defeated party in Scotland have no right to stand in the way," she said.

"The people of Scotland have spoken - it is time to decide our own future."

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