The Remain MPs who lost their seat after leaving parties

There were numerous political casualties when the General Election results came in, including all Tories who had the whip withdrawn and Remainer defectors.

Some moved parties, others stood as Independent candidates and three stood under the banner of a new party.

Whatever was written next to their name on the ballot sheet, it did not earn them enough votes to return to Parliament.

  • Dominic Grieve

Dominic Grieve was stripped of the whip and then defeated. Credit: PA

The former Tory is a firm remainer and is most recognised for powerful speeches in the House of Commons as MPs debated over the future of Brexit. Grieve, who was instrumental in having Brexit-related Bills voted down, and previously worked at the Attorney General under David Cameron.

The lawyer had represented the constituency of Beaconsfield since 1997, earning 36,559 votes in the 2017 general election. After being stripped of the whip by Boris Johnson, Grieve decided to stand as an Independent, performing well with 16,765 votes - but it was 20,000 short of the Conservative who replaced him.

  • David Gauke

David Gauke lost in Hertfordshire South West. Credit: PA

Another who lost the whip and stood as an Independent after losing the Tory whip for his pro-European views. Gauke convinced 15,919 to vote for him in Hertfordshire South West, half of the winning Conservative candidate.

  • Chuka Umunna

Chuka Umunna moved parties twice. Credit: PA

Since being touted as a future Labour leader, Umunna has gone on to be a member of two other parties, Change UK and the Lib Dems, representing the latter in Cities of London and Westminster, seen as a strong Remain constituency, having moved from his previous Streatham seat.

The change of scenery did not work for Umunna who fell 4,000 short of victory, as the Tories claimed the seat.

  • Luciana Berger

Hugh Grant, campaigned for Luciana Berger, left. Credit: PA

Hugh Grant campaigned for the Lib Dem candidate, who left Labour to be one of the co-founders of The Independent Group but, like Umunna, quickly moved on.

Her celebrity endorsement was not enough to turn the tide in Finchley and Golders Green, where 17,600 was not enough to oust the Conservatives.

  • Anna Soubry

Anna Soubry is no longer a Conservative. Credit: PA

Broxtowe did not decide to back their incumbent MP, as Soubry collected just over 4,500 votes. To make matters worse, she came 15,000 votes behind the Labour candidate.

  • Sam Gyimah

Sam Gyimah left the Tories and it did not pay off. Credit: PA

The former Conservative received plenty of vitriol in Kensington, where he was seen to split the vote, allowing the Tories to win the seat that is home to Grenfell. Gyimah won 9,312 of the vote standing as a Lib Dem, putting him third behind Labour who lost out on the seat by a mere 150 votes.

Gyimah, who previously stood for the Tory leadership, had the whip removed by Boris Johnson for his Remain views.

  • Antoinette Sandbach, Frank Field, Gavin Shuker, Chris Leslie, Mike Gapes, Angela Smith , Sarah Wollaston, Phillip Lee also lost their seats