Tony Blair's former constituency Sedgefield now trusting Conservatives with their future

Not long ago Tony Blair told us a new dawn had broken in British politics. Over his former constituency this morning quite a different dawn was breaking again. After 84 years of Labour control, Sedgefield voted Conservative.

It was one of the shock results of the night, but in the old mining villages of Durham it was no surprise at all.

Trimdon Labour Club is now a carpet shop. Its manager has no doubt about why this area went blue.

"Corbyn," said Paula Brown.

"Nobody believes in him. This is a mining village. Everybody's abandoned Labour because of Corbyn."

Tony Blair's former agent, John Burton, is saddened by the result.

This used to be the place of predictable celebrations. Now in unpredictable times Tony Blair's former agent, John Burton, is saddened by the result.

He said: "Tony will be the same, I'm very sad really. I'm sad for the people of the area because if they think they're going to be better off under Boris and the Tories they're going to be sadly mistaken.

"With Europe as well, most of the people wanted to leave and of course we could cope with that, but we couldn't cope with that and Jeremy Corbyn, who is absolutely toxic.

The collieries may have been shut for decades but their closure in Sedgefield have cast a long shadow over the area's politics. They helped cement Labour's impenetrable red wall.

Ten years ago if I'd have told anyone living here that they would have a Conservative MP today they would have laughed in my face. But, in old mining areas like this, new political lines have now been drawn. Labour's traditional supporters didn't believe that their party cared about them anymore.

Wherever you look, there are reminders of Sedgefield's industrious past.

At Labour's height, Tony Blair brought George W Bush for lunch here. Back at the pub today, generations of Labour voters mulled over their decision.

Wherever you look, there are reminders of the area's industrious past. Voting Conservative didn't come easy for some here, but they're now trusting the party with their future.