ITV News exclusive: Harry Dunn death crash suspect Anne Sacoolas filmed driving for first time since US return

  • Video report by ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore

The American woman suspected of killing teenager Harry Dunn has been filmed by ITV News for the first time since she went back to the US.

Anne Sacoolas is thought to have been driving on the wrong side of the road when she knocked Harry off his motorbike near the RAF Croughton base, in Northamptonshire, where her US diplomat husband had been stationed.

She has since sought diplomatic immunity and has refused to return to the UK.

Ms Sacoolas was going about her normal life and driving a car when she was approached by ITV News.

She refused to answer any questions when approached.

Ms Sacoolas was going about her normal life and driving a car when she was approached by ITV News. Credit: ITV News

Watching the ITV News footage of Ms Sacoolas has greatly angered 19-year-old Harry's parents. Charlotte Charles, Harry's mother, broke down in tears watching the footage.

She said: "She's clearly going about her normal day, driving and taking kids to school."

Harry's mother added: "She's going about what she would normally do, as if nothing has ever happened.

"Her life looks so normal, and she has completely wrecked ours."

Harry's mum, Charlotte Charles, broke down in tears while watching the footage. Credit: ITV News

Ms Charles continued: "And for her to not even want to talk to you, to try and redeem herself in any way, to try to take a few minutes with you to try and explain why she's doing that...

"I find that really cold hearted... because we've been giving her the benefit of the doubt all along, and we didn't want to think she was getting on with her life... She clearly is and it hurts like hell."

Harry Dunn, who's 19-years-old, died in August. Credit: Family handout

Tim Dunn, Harry's father, said Ms Sacoolas must return to the UK to be questioned by authorities.

He said: "She's got to come back now, there's no shadow of a doubt. The lady has no care for it, but she must come back and answer for what she has done."

Harry's parents have already taken their fight for justice directly to the White House, meeting with the US President in the Oval Office.

Harry's father, Tim Dunn, said Anne Sacoolas must be questioned by UK authorities. Credit: ITV News

Donald Trump offered to introduce the Dunn family to Ms Sacoolas, who was in the next room in the White House, but his family declined the offer.

But their frustration is boiling over once more, now that they know Mrs Sacoolas has resumed her routine in the US, without any offer to return to Britain to explain herself.