Where is the 'missing' House of Commons Speaker wig?

It's been almost three decades since the speaker wore a full bottom wig in the House of Commons. Bernard Weatherill was the last to follow this centuries-old tradition - but his successor Betty Boothroyd decided to go without has has every speak since.

But when Lindsay Hoyle was dragged to the post of speaker earlier this year, he said he would be making some changes

Yesterday the clerk of the house was spotted wearing a wig again, after they were banned by John Bercow in 2017 and Speaker Hoyle has indicated he'll also revert to traditional dress.

But if he was planning on going the full 18th Century look with wig, there is a slight hitch - no one can actually find it.

It was last spotted 20 years ago when it was offered to Michael Martin who politely refused.

Model Wigs display the traditional headpieces formally worn in the House of Commons.

Harold Levy, owner of Model Wigs, told ITV News: "Suddenly I get a phone call that they might wear it and they can't find the last one from nearly 30 years ago - which I can understand - 'Can we help them?'

"We have one in stock. If someone wants it, they can have it with pleasure."

Three people have even offered to pay for it - it's all down to Speaker Hoyle.

The Whig Party may be long gone here - but tomorrow we'll see if the wigged speaker is back.