Boris Johnson dishes up Christmas turkey dinner to British troops in Estonia

Boris Johnson has arrived in Estonia and helped serve a Christmas lunch to British troops stationed in the country.

The Prime Minister took an RAF A330 plane for the one-day trip to the Baltic state on Saturday morning.

He wished troops a merry Christmas in Estonian as he served them turkey and Yorkshire puddings in the base's canteen.

Mr Johnson, donning a red apron, asked soldiers "who wants turkey?" and told them to form an orderly queue as he served food to dozens of troops.

Many soldiers posed for selfies with him as he dished out Yorkshire puddings.

He asked one troop "are you enjoying it here?" before remarking, in reference to the grey skies: "It's quite sort of bleak, isn't it?"

The prime minister shared a few laughs with the soldiers. Credit: PA

Mr Johnson then toured the canteen greeting soldiers as they tucked into their Christmas lunches.

The PM had a bite of chocolate cake as he sat down on one table where he chatted to troops about rugby, Russia and their alcohol restrictions while on base.

He told them: "Last time I was here they let me drive a tank. That didn't seem to be on the agenda today."

Boris Johnson munches on some chocolate cake alongside serving troops. Credit: PA

Addressing troops in a vehicle hanger on the base, Mr Johnson thanked them for their work and wished them a merry Christmas.

"In the course of the next few days, everybody in our country is going to be celebrating Christmas with their families and you're going to be here - a long way away, a pretty cold place...

"What you're doing is incredibly important because the reason everybody in our country can have Christmas in peace and security is because of what you're doing here.

"What you're doing is showing that Nato works and that Nato is an alliance to which we in this country are absolutely committed to."

Boris Johnson rallies the troops in Estonia. Credit: PA

Mr Johnson said the troops were the "most vivid and powerful possible symbol and expression" that Britain is committed to the security and stability of the whole of Europe.

"It's an incredible thing for me to come to Estonia because when I was a kid - when I was your age - Estonia was part of the Soviet Union and we're now here helping to protect Estonia's security.

"It's a fantastic thing and it's a deeply moving thing for someone from my generation."

The Prime Minister added: "Thank you very much for what you're doing. I hope you have a very, very peaceful, happy time and have a happy Christmas everybody."