Lancashire woman who has knitted hundreds of snowmen for children's hospice charity

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Damon Green

In our series Christmas Angels, ITV News is sharing stories about people who are dedicating themselves to helping others this festive period.

With every stitch sewn, Linda Miller comes closer to raising her £1,000 fundraising target for a Lancashire children's hospice.

The 72-year-old experienced a stroke five years ago which left her with impaired vision and dementia, but she hasn't let that stop her from knitting snowmen which she sells for £1 each.

Everyday she knits a snowman and for every snowman she knits; she sells for a pound, and every pound she raises goes her local children's hospice.

She has knitted so many she knows the knitting pattern off by heart, even committing a seven hour flight to Canada to helping the charity by knitting the entire way.

"The first year I remembered doing 160, and then I raised my game and got to 200.

"Then I did another 200.

"So I must be over 800 snowmen now," she told ITV News.

"I'm hoping for the £1,000 badge."

Linda pictured selling her knitted snowmen for good causes. Credit: ITV News

The funds have gone to pay towards the Derian House centre in Chorley, Lancashire which funds respite and end of life care for children in the north-west of England.

It costs the organisation almost £5 million a year to provide the services it does, but less than 10% of that sum comes from the government, leaving it to rely on donations.

"Every penny counts in an organisation like this, so it doesn't matter how much people give us, every little bit helps," said David Robinson, the Chief Executive of Derian House.

"They do amazing things; cake bakes, jump out of airplanes, climb mountains, run marathons, dress up as Santa Claus, lots of different things.

"We're quite amazed with what people will do."

Jack has a rare disorder which means he needs extra help to live. Credit: ITV News

One of those helped by the hospice in 19-year-old Jack.

He has a rare chromosome disorder.

For his parents, the services offered by Derian House helped families like his out in the most difficult times.

"This is the only respite we get so we wouldn't get any respite.

"But it's not just the respite, I mean they now have a couple of holiday lodges at Ribby Hall.

"It was so lovely to just spend time together as a family," Gill Worthy, Jack's mother, told ITV News.

"Every time I pick up a needle I'm helping a child - that's so important to me," Linda said as she finished off a Christmas angel for her tree.

Although some would say the real angel of this story is Linda herself.