Possible leadership contender Lisa Nandy asks former Labour voters why they backed the Tories

Whoever is the next leader of the Labour Party will have to understand why they lost a seat like Ashfield.

This is a former mining community that has nearly always voted Labour, and yet this time voted Conservative.

The Wigan MP Lisa Nandy is seriously considering a leadership bid and today ITV News accompanied her around Ashfield to hear what the voters had to say.

First door she knocked on the door of a man who tells her he’s been Labour all his life, a working class voter, a union member, but then comes the "but"....

And this time the "but" is "Mr Corbyn, you must have heard it thousands of times, wrong policies.

"We don’t want to be back in the ‘70s!”

The Ashfield resident says he voted Conservative.

Lisa Nandy is considering running to be the next Labour leader. Credit: ITV News

In a coffee shop, Ms Nandy meets Ken Taylor, a former miner himself.

Mr Taylor is scathing about the Tories: “I don’t like Conservatives, never have liked Conservatives... but I voted Conservative.”

Brexit is part of the reason: “We voted to leave and they just disrespected that totally," he says of Labour.

But Brexit is only one part of Mr Taylor's issue with Labour.

Mr Taylor also feels Labour has become all about what Londoners think and what students think, not about what northern, working class voters think.

Talking to me in the pub afterwards, Lisa Nandy says all this is heartbreaking.

She believes she can stitch Labour’s traditional wings - often described as the workers and the intellectuals - back together.

But Labour’s next leader, whoever that might be, not only has to win back seats they have recently lost they also have to reach out to places that Labour has not won for a long time.