Prince Charles visits Yorkshire village of Fishlake as flood-hit residents face Christmas away from home

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Juliet Bremner

Prince Charles has visited the Yorkshire village of Fishlake to see for himself the recovery operation after last month's devastating floods.

He met firefighters, police officers and soldiers on the outskirts of the village near Doncaster, then headed to the worst-affected areas.

Clarence House confirmed that Charles had made donations to flood relief funds in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

The donations, made through the Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation, have been made to Foundation Derbyshire's flood relief fund and another from the South Yorkshire Community Foundation.

Last month, more than a thousand properties were evacuated across the North of England and the Midlands after heavy rain caused rivers to burst their banks.

In Fishlake, more than 100 homes were damaged and it is believed that many residents are still living in temporary accommodation.

ITV News has spoken to residents in Fishlake about what has happened since the TV cameras left the village and how they have been affected since.

Pam Webb's hotel business was virtually destroyed by the flooding and has had little help. Credit: ITV News

Pam Webb, whose business was virtually destroyed by the flooding, has said that Christmas is entirely cancelled.

She added: "Christmas would have been our busiest time but we've got to focus on the reopening which we're going to hit and we absolutely will hit, can't afford to stay in it any longer for it to be closed."

The village hall still remains packed with cleaning products and help for surviving the winter.

Community organiser, Kirsty Evans said this has been life-changing for many people in Fishlake.

Community organiser, Kirsty Evans, and ITV News Correspondent Richard Pallot in the village hall. Credit: ITV News

Ms Evans said: "We've got people who are lucky enough to move back into their house straight away with minimal damage, we've had people who will probably be out for a year, if not more.

"And we've even had people who will never get back into their homes," she added.

Baby Indie has never even been home. She was born on the morning that the floods began, on the day her parents new home became inhabitable.

Her father said: "We're all excited planning Christmas at our new house, with our new baby, having the first Christmas together, yes, it has ruined it."

He told ITV News that they'll be in rented accommodation until next year.

"We have family nearby so it will all be OK, but we'll have to do everything planned this year, next year, which she might remember it a bit more."