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Two brothers save pocket money for weeks to buy gifts for homeless people at Christmas

  • Video report by ITV News Reporter Amy Lewis

In our series Christmas Angels, ITV News is sharing stories about people who are dedicating themselves to helping others this festive period.

Every child is told Christmas is all about giving, not receiving.

And two brothers in Northampton have really taken that festive message on board after they saved their pocket money for weeks in order to buy presents for homeless people.

Callum Stewart, 10, and seven-year-old Joshua wanted to help after they noticed people living in tents while out Christmas shopping.

"We noticed that they didn't' have much. So we just thought why don't we get stuff for them for Christmas, as well," Callum told ITV News.

His brother Joshua, adds: "Plus we thought they should have more things than us."

They saved enough money to fill 10 bags of essentials, including shower gel, deodorant, hot chocolate and coffee for the people at Northampton's Hope Centre.

Mum Hayley is rightly proud of her sons.

"Just out of the blue they came out with 'mum, I want to help the homeless, as many ways as we can, because we've got so much and we want to give something back to them'."

"And it's just amazing. I'm just so proud of them," she says.

The Hope Centre helps 130 homeless people every day, handing out food, clothing, and support.

Cecilia Olzon spent last Christmas sleeping in a car park. She's been homeless for a year and told ITV News the boys' donations - and the kindness behind them - made a "massive" difference to her.

"Every little thing that comes our way is 'wow' is gold dust. Even if it's a bar of chocolate it's gold dust.

"It shows someone cares about me. "They don't know me, but they care about me."

The boys will be taking their bag of donations to the centre on Boxing Day.

"We all should have a Christmas," Joshua says, a sentiment echoed by his older brother.

"Yeah, everybody deserves a good Christmas, especially homeless people because they don't have much support in their lives and because they're in a tent with no one there," Callum adds.

Cecilia says the gifts mean 'someone cares' about her. Credit: PA

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