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Film crew captures moment lorry rams into foggy accident scene in Texas

A US television station captured the moment a man jumps out the way of a lorry as it swung out of control near the scene of an earlier accident along a foggy highway, injuring two people.

KCBD in Lubbock, Texas, was at the scene of an earlier pileup on Friday when an approaching lorry jackknifed, causing emergency workers to dive out the way.

Footage from the scene shows the lorry hurtling towards the scene of the earlier crash before it crashes into other vehicles as it flips on to its side by the road.

A man in a high-visibility jacket dives out the way of a lorry as it begins to turn over.

KCBD in Lubbock reported two people were taken for hospital and are expected to survive their injuries.

The Texas Department of Public Safety said it initially responded to a two-vehicle crash on US 84, one mile east of Slaton, around 10:45 a.m.

A man in a high-visibility jacket dives out the way of the approaching lorry as it turns onto its side. Credit: KCBD/ AP

The crash blocked westbound lanes of US 84. While troopers were investigating the crash, a lorry traveling eastbound jackknifed.

Caleb Holder, a KCBD photographer, was filming the accident scene, said: "We could hear more tires screeching, and then just barely see headlights coming in through the fog.

"I've never seen anything like that in person."