Couple marry at Dunkin’ Donuts 30 years after breaking up at same store

Jason Roy and Valerie Sneade say their vows in front of friends and family at the Dunkin’ Donuts in Worcester, Massachusetts Credit: Rick Cinclair/Worcester Telegram & Gazette/AP

A couple reunited for extra-sweet wedding vows at the same branch of Dunkin’ Donuts where their young love splintered nearly 30 years ago.

Valerie Sneade and Jason Roy were married on Friday, joined by family, friends and customers buying coffee and pastries at the Dunkin’ Donuts in Grafton Street in Worcester, Massachusetts.

“It had to happen here,” Mr Roy, who works for the Worcester Parks Department, told the Telegram & Gazette.

“We think it’s an absolute riot,” said singer and actress Ms Sneade, who is now taking the name Valerie Roy.

“Has anybody been married in Dunkin’ Donuts before? Maybe we’ll start a trend.”

Ms Sneade and Mr Roy mostly did not see each other for 25 years after a conversation about their future at the same shop in 1992 led the young, in-love couple to step back from their relationship.

Sealed with a kiss, the couple tied the knot at the donut store. Credit: Rick Cinclair/Worcester Telegram & Gazette/AP

Ms Sneade blames misunderstandings at the time and words that did not come out right.

Mr Roy joined the Navy, married and had three children.

Ms Sneade also married and moved to Florida. She became a singer and actress, developing her own cabaret shows.

Both later divorced.

Ms Sneade said: “I wouldn’t want to change a thing that happened. Jason has three beautiful children who he adores. I had a different way to give to the world through music.”

Valerie Sneade and Jason Roy were joined by family and friends – as well as customers buying coffee and pastries. Credit: Rick Cinclair/Worcester Telegram & Gazette/AP

When Mr Roy learned that Ms Sneade was performing a Valentine’s Day-themed musical revue in Worcester in February 2018, he went along and sat in the front row.

“I looked out almost like a deer in the headlights,” Ms Sneade said. “I thought ‘Oh, my goodness’.”

Three months later, she moved back to Massachusetts, and Mr Roy proposed that New Year’s Eve.

“I think we’re going to appreciate each other more so much later in life because every day is a blessing,” said Ms Sneade. “I can’t imagine my life without him.”