Who is Jeremy Bamber and what were the White House Farm murders?

A new six-part ITV drama 'White House Farm' retells the events surrounding brutal family murders committed almost 35 years ago.

Jeremy Bamber was convicted of killing his parents, sister and her twin sons at their family home.

But who is he, what happened that August day more than three decades ago and is he still in prison?

  • Who is Jeremy Bamber?

The White House Farm where the murders took place in 1985. Credit: PA

Jeremy Bamber was born Jeremy Marsham in 1961 and adopted by June and Nevill Bamber.

He is known for the 'White House Farm Murders' which took place in their family home near Tolleshunt D'Arcy in Essex in August 1985.

  • Who did he murder?

Sheila Caffell was killed alongside her six-year-old twin sons. Credit: Anglia Press Agency

Jeremy Bamber was found guilty of shooting his adoptive parents, sister and her six-year-old twin sons 25 times at the family's home at the White House Farm in August 1985.

Bamber pointed the police to his sister as the murderer after telling them he received a phone call from his father saying his sister had “gone berserk” but no evidence of this exchange has been found.

Bamber with his ex-girlfriend at the funeral for three of the four victims. Credit: PA

His model sister, Shelia Caffell, was originally considered a suspect as she was found with the gun in an apparent murder-suicide.

However, it was ruled out in court as it was unlikely she would have shot herself twice.

Bamber was later convicted in October 1986.

  • How long is he serving in prison?

ITV News correspondent Anne Leuchars reports from the trial in 1986

Bamber is currently serving a whole life order in HM Prison Wakefield.

In 2013, he and two other prisoners appealed to the European Court of Human Rights claiming that denying any prospect of release to those serving whole life sentences was against their human rights.

The court ruled in their favour that life sentences could be reviewed with the possibility of release although this does not mean he will be released.

  • Has he appealed the conviction?

A website has been set up to campaign for his innocence. Credit: PA

Bamber has maintained his innocence and has appealed the conviction several times.

In October last year, he said he had new evidence that he was elsewhere during the time of the murders.

A campaign group runs a website in support of Bamber which contains links to things such as the 'Bamber Bake-off', encouraging people connect with the cause through some of his favourite childhood recipes.