The top inventions from the world's biggest tech show

A pet you never have to feed, a bike you can pedal over water, and a high-tech solution to running out of toilet paper.

Thousands of new inventions and gadgets promising to revolutionise home and work life will be unveiled this week at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Big names including Samsung, LG and Sony are expected to make product launches to a crowd of more than 170,000.

But it's the more weird and wonderful inventions that seem to be stealing the limelight.

The Lovot: a pet robot that asks you for hugs

The little Lovot, designed by Japanese company Groove X, charmed crowds of hardened tech enthusiasts with its wide eyes, wiggly arms, and cooing noises.

It's designed to act as a friend or pet for people who live in small apartments and can't keep the more common biological pets.

Each Lovot is fitted with a camera with facial recognition software, so it can recognise its owner.

"When you are coming back to the home, they are also welcoming you at the entrance," Groove X CEO Kaname Hayashi said.

They're only available in Japan for the moment, and sell for £2,280.

The Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1 bike that glides over the surface of water

This New Zealand-designed water bike is expected to make waves at the CES.

The Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1 is modelled off an e-bike, but with carbon fibre 'foils' that allows the whole bike to skim across the surface of water at speeds up to 12 miles per hour.

The 460-watt electric motor is powered by a battery that lasts for a full hour of water cycling.

It retails for about £5,700.

Procter & Gamble Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard shows off the 'Forever Roll' and the 'Rollbot' Credit: AP/John Locher

The Rollbot that delivers a roll of toilet paper when you're in a jam

Bathroom giants Procter & Gamble have a very high-tech solution for an age old problem: what to do when you're out of toilet paper?

Enter the 'Rollbot': a wheeled robot that delivers emergency rolls.

Users can summon the Rollbot on their smartphone via Bluetooth, before the robot comes quickly to the rescue using self-balancing technology to move.

But the company said its just a concept for now.

LG unveils an 8k TV

South Korean tech giant LG unveiled a range of 8k televisions, boasting double the resolution of current high-end 4k television screens.

They're showcasing 13 new 8k televisions, with the top of the range stretching 88 inches across.

Critics say there isn't much 8k content to display on the screens, but Tim Alessi, head of LG US Product Marketing, says the technology is "definitely happening."

A man demonstrates the UrgoNight technology at CES Credit: AP/John Locher

The Urgonight sleep trainer

French company Urgonight have showcased an unassuming tool to help people get better sleep.

Their sleep trainer reads brain activity and sends the data to an app, which then trains the user to develop better brain wave patterns to assist the quality of sleep.

The creators say positive results will be seen after three months, if users commit to three 20-minute sessions a week.

The device is a prototype at this stage.