‘Heroic’ boys receive commendations after rescuing woman and baby from canal

(Cheshire Constabulary)

A group of seven schoolboys have been called “heroic” after helping to rescue a woman and her baby from a canal in Widnes, Cheshire.

The boys received commendations from police after they helped a 39-year-old woman who had entered the St Helens Canal when her four-month-old daughter’s pram rolled into the water.

The woman’s four-year-old daughter informed the boys, who were playing football nearby, of the incident, who then called for an ambulance and kept the baby warm as they waited for paramedics to arrive.

Chief Inspector Catherine Pritchard, of Widnes Local Policing Unit, said: “The quick thinking, bravery and community spirit of the boys impressed everyone at Widnes Police Station.

“They helped to prevent this incident from becoming far more serious.

“As such we decided that all seven boys are worthy of special commendations in recognition of their heroic actions.”

The boys, 15-year-old Tyler Moses, 14-year-olds Ethan Melvin, Joe Draycott and Campbell Law, 12-year-old Ellis Hulme, 11-year-old McCauley Maguire and 10-year-old Jacob Potter, took their coats off to keep the baby warm as paramedics arrived at the scene.

Six of the boys received a Chief Inspector’s Commendation for “displaying bravery and community spirit in helping to rescue a woman and her baby from a canal” during a ceremony at Widnes Police Station on Monday.

The remaining boy, Tyler Moses, will receive his commendation at a later date.

Chief Inspector Pritchard said: “The presentation gave the mum the chance to thank the group of boys in person… She even gave them presents.

“She did a great job in keeping her baby above the cold water once the pram had entered it and is eternally grateful to the boys for everything they did for her and her baby that day.

“Her four-year-old daughter also did a fantastic job in managing to get help for her mum and sister and as such she also received a commendation during the presentation ceremony.”

The woman and baby were assessed by paramedics before being taken to Whiston Hospital in an ambulance as a precaution.