Iran may have responded but how will the militia react to assassination of Soleimaini?

Honours even? It doesn’t quite feel that way in the Middle East this morning.

The Iranian missile strike on those two US bases in Iraq might instead be only Tehran’s official response to the assassination of Qassem Soleimani.

Iran’s foreign minister said the operation ‘concluded’ their ‘proportionate ‘ action.

But their networks of militia - principally in Iraq and Lebanon - have both vowed vengeance too.

Iran launched missile strikes on US bases in Iraq. Credit: AP

It’s hard to think those threats will not be turned into action - at a time, a place, and in a form, their paymasters in Tehran order.

Indeed, on militia commander in Iraq told ITV News; ‘That’s Iran’s response. Now wait for ours.’

So President Trump’s tweet of relief - ‘So far, so good’ - might turn out to be premature.

Neither side wants war, for sure. Perhaps both sides are looking for a diplomatic way out of the crisis.

But Iran’s declared aim is to drive US forces out of the region - by which they mean Iraq and Syria.

So last night’s ‘slap in the face’ is by no means Mission Accomplished.

We’re still in a dangerous moment.