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ITV News uncovers new details about deaths of three family members in Costa Del Sol hotel pool

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Chris Choi

ITV News has seen a document from Spanish investigators probing the deaths of three family members who drowned in a Costa Del Sol holiday resort swimming pool on Christmas Eve.

Gabriel Diya, 52, his daughter, nine-year-old, Comfort and son Praise-Emmanuel, 16, drowned in a pool at Club La Costa World in Fuengirola while on holiday in December.

The investigation into the incident ruled their deaths were a "simple accident", claiming there was no malfunction with this pool and that the deaths were caused by what they called “lack of swimming expertise”.

But the wife and mother of the victims, Olubunmi Diya, said all three could swim, insisting there was "something wrong" with the pool that made it difficult for them to get out.

Now a fresh report drawn from three investigating teams, reveals more about the on-going police investigation and could help shed light on their deaths.

Gabriel Diya, 52 with his daughter Comfort. Both died in pool at the Club La Costa World. Credit: Facebook/AP

What does the report reveal?

  • The pool temperature was around 16C, according to police divers. They say this is relatively low for swimming.
  • A worker at the complex who jumped in the water to help found it hard to get out of the pool despite being a strong swimmer and surfer.
  • Comfort’s swimming cap, retrieved from the pool, had her handwritten name inside it. She was also wearing swimming goggles, details, the family’s lawyer argues, that show she was used to swimming.
The pool at the Club La Costa World in Fuengirola. Credit: ITV News

Allen Wilson, an international swimming pool inspector who has acted as an expert witness in numerous cases of swimming pool deaths and was involved in writing the guidelines which currently exist for public pools, has inspected the pool where the tragedy occurred.

He is backing concerns from the family that the pool may have had a fault, raising concerns about the single drainage outlet at the bottom of the pool.

European guidance and the Federation of Tour Operators standards state there should be two drains, two metres apart as a single outlet can cause a strong vortex.

Mr Wilson told ITV News: "The problem if you have just one single drainage hole is entrapment.

"You've got a huge velocity of water going out that way; people will get dragged down, and they would not be able to escape from there.

"There's been numerous incidents all over the world resulting from excessive suction through the bottom outlet."

Josias Fletchman from Manchester helped perform CPR on the family and stood praying with mum Olubunmi at the scene.

He wants to see an investigation that is as open as possible.

"Honesty is what needs to come out of it," Mr Fletchman said.

"It can prevent these things happening again, as well."