What next for Harry and Meghan after their bombshell announcement?

  • Video report by ITV News Royal Editor Chris Ship

There are so many questions after tonight's bombshell announcement from Harry and Meghan.

Their intention to "step back as 'senior' members of the royal family" basically means they are resigning from their grandmother's firm.

And whilst they do not have much time for large parts of the media, I understand the bigger issue behind this dramatic decision is the poor relationship they have with the rest of Harry's family.

It is understood the decision has sent ripples through the royal household, with key members of the finally not being aware the couple were actively pursuing the idea instead of just exploring it.

Yes, they said they will "fully support" the Queen going forward in their new role - but what kind of role is it that they will now have?

They will spend time in the UK and in the USA and Canada but will they continue their work with the Sussex Foundation?

They could continue to champion its causes and its his aims but it would be hard to give the Foundation a 'royal' title.

What does Prince Harry do about the position he holds as number seven in the line of succession?

Do they keep their "HRH" titles?

And who pays for their protection - which current comes out of taxpayer-funded police budgets?

The couple say they will become "financially independent".

Currently, the money for their public duties comes from the Prince of Wales - via his Duchy of Cornwall estate.

It also pays for Prince William and Kate.

The couple will continue to support the royal family, their statement said. Credit: PA

Meghan is a star in her own right - and was an actor in the hit US TV series Suits before she joined the royal family - but I don't believe she is about to return to acting.

Being some kind of advocate for human rights causes, for female empowerment and the environment looks a lot more likely.

They've made the announcement.

We await some answers.