What now for Harry and Meghan after they choose to reject front line royal duties?

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Paul Davies

Around the world, their names and faces are instantly recognisable.

Harry and Meghan enjoy celebrity status few can compete with; cashing in on that seems to be part of their plan to axe the traditional financing that bonds them to the rest of the royal family.

The couple have made their thoughts clear; setting out their future in a website written during their six-week break in Canada. The site discusses how other royals with titles continue to earn a living off their own back, whilst keeping their status.

Is that possible?

The answer; yes. Harry's cousins Princesses Beatrice and Eugeine both have full-time jobs. But will it be so easy for the Sussexes? Probably not.

The duchess starred in a jeans actress before marrying into the royal family. Credit: Reitmans Jeans Advert

"I think they're rather confused and niave - it comes across very clearly that they seem to want to have their cake and eat it," David Haigh, a royal finance expert told ITV News.

"They want all the benefits and the costs covered by the state; they even want to keep Frogmore Cottage; they want the security; they want to keep getting money from their father but they don't want any of the constraints."

The duchess is certainly aware of the commercial value of celebrity status; having put her name and face in her actor days to a jeans advert for a brand in North America.

Before her marriage to Harry, an M&S jumper she wore on a public engagement in Brixton sold out within hours. Brand Meghan is powerful and the couple are fully aware of that. The couple recently took our more than 100 trademarks on items under their family name, from pyjamas to calendars.

The couple have set out a new vision for their future. Credit: PA

But it can come with its pitfalls warns Nina Sawetz of CEO Publicity.

"If they many focus on charitable engagements and Harry continues with the Invictus Games, I can see that his brand will become more positive over time.

"If he continues, or they as a couple continue, to fuel the fire in terms of rumours and speculation; that's where the negativity will build and everyone will wonder what he is doing," she said.

How the palace will accept part-time royals, how the press will respond and how Harry's desire for privacy can be met are just some of the questions still to be answered by this age-old dynasty caught in a very modern drama.