Australian wildfires: Workers drop almost a tonne of sweet potatoes and carrots to help endangered survivors

Wildlife workers say they've dropped nearly a tonne of food across bushland to help endangered wallabies affected by Australia's bushfire crisis.

Helicopters dropped almost 1,000kg of sweet potatoes and carrots in the Wollemi National Park over the past week to provide food for the local' Brush-tailed Rock wallabies.

Officials said wallabies often survive the initial bushfire but face food shortages afterwards.

A wildlife worker dumping carrots in bushland Credit: Twitter @Matt_KeanMP

The drops are part of a major post-fires recovery effort that will continue to provide food and water to animals until natural sources are replenished.

On Monday, at least 500,000 hectares of Wollemi National Park was still burning, but firefighters said the blaze is contained.

More than 1.25 billion animals have died in Australia's bushfires since September, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

A wallaby hops by a fire engine in a bushfire-affected area Credit: AP

A fundraiser hosted by a wildlife rescue charity on social media has raised more than £7 million in 10 days to assist animal victims of the bushfires.