New York photographer takes selfie every day for past 20 years

A New York photographer who has taken a picture of himself every day for the past 20 years says he has "no plans to stop".

Noah Kalina began the 'Everyday' project on 11 January 2000 and on Monday shared the eight minute long video showcasing 20 years of selfies.

Despite having already taken more than 7,000 photographs, the creative says he plans to continue "until the day I die".

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The two-decade-long project began as a slightly shorter six year task in which Mr Kalina took a snap of himself every day between January 2000 and July 2006.

Speaking to ITV News, the New Yorker said an interest in "time and how we change" had prompted him to start the massive undertaking. But the 39-year-old said taking a daily selfie was a surprisingly easy habit to get into.

"It's not very hard to do. It only takes about 20 seconds so at some point during the day I just grab a camera and I go for it."

In the time Mr Kalina has been working on 'Everyday', he says he's seen more than a few changes.

"I got my fist digital camera in 1999 and I was blown away by the promise and potential and once I got it I wanted to use it every day.

"I've changed cameras as the time's gone by. I changed in 2004 and 2008 - but I've had the same since then," he said.

"When I start looking at myself, it's kind of depressing to see how old and tired I'm getting - I started when I was 19 and I'm 39 now, I'm doing alright!"

Noah Kalina has already shot more than 7000 photos of himself. Credit: Noah Kalina

The 'Everyday' project will go on display in Long Island as a 1.8 metre (6ft) grid of stills to celebrate the 20 year milestone.

Mr Kalina says he's far from finished with the work and gave ample warning to those following the project to "look out for another version in 2030."