Iran must take 'full responsibility' for downed Ukraine Airlines flight PS752 amid calls for compensation

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Carl Dinnen

Iran should assume "full responsibility" for the downing of Ukraine Airlines flight PS752 and pay compensation to the families of those killed, a meeting of ministers from five countries who lost citizens has agreed.

The London meeting brought together representatives from Afghanistan, Sweden, Canada, The Netherlands, Ukraine and the United Kingdom in the wake of the disaster.

Five key elements were agreed by the representatives including; unhindered access for consular services, alongside the assurance that victim ID and repatriation will be completed with "dignity and transparency".

Ministers from the nations also agreed there must be a thorough investigation into the crash in line with international guidelines. It made strong calls for Iran to assume "full responsibility for the downing of the flight" and to compensate those affected.

The aftermath of the crash which happened in the early hours of Wednesday morning last week. Credit: AP

The consensus reached at the summit was announced by François-Philippe Champagne, Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs.

He said "closure, accountability, transparency and justice for the victims" could be reached if Iran cooperates with the demands of the nations who lost citizens.

The passenger jet was shot down moments after take-off from Iran's busiest airport amid escalating tensions with the United States.

Iran subsequently said it was behind the crash, but had shot down the plane as the result of "human error".

The announcements comes as Iran made repeated threats, this time to European troops in the Middle East. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said the UK takes the threats seriously, but it is looking for a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy previously said he had ordered the Prosecutor General to open criminal proceedings.