Prince Harry to continue in charity role 'until the day he dies' amid ongoing discussions on his future

  • Video report by ITV News Royal Editor Chris Ship

Prince Harry is expected to continue in his role with at least one charity, amid ongoing discussions as to his future role as a royal.

Sentebale chairman Johnny Hornby met with the Duke of Sussex to discuss work within the charity, which Prince Harry himself founded to support children and young people affected by HIV in Lesotho and Botswana.

Mr Hornby said he expects Prince Harry to continue in his role with Sentebale "until the day he dies" - something which the Duke has previously committed to.

He said: "We never really, any of us at the charity at Sentebale, worried or hesitated for a second because we've heard him tell us, tell donors, tell the team in country that Sentebale was something he'd work for and fight for until the day he died.

"He said that was his founders pledge. So when this hoo-hah blew up, we were completely relaxed and pretty early on."

Mr Hornby added that Harry appeared "very jolly" and "very focused" during their meeting on Friday.

Asked about Prince Harry's demenour, Mr Hornby said: "He was very jolly, very focused and very kind of, as he always is in these meetings, straight onto the agenda, what are the issues.

"Are we making the progress we said we'd make, are we raising the funds we need to extend the programmes into Botswana."

Mr Hornby also said of Prince Harry: "He was in very strong form, he was very keen to get into the detail of the plans that we've got for the charity.

"The charity has made great progress and the plans we've got are very exciting."

Much has been made the Duke of Sussex's future role when it comes to charity work and public engagements once and resolution with Buckingham Palace has been agreed.

It is unclear when a decision will be made on the future relationship and role Prince Harry and Meghan will have with the royal family once he steps back from public duty.

Prince Harry was seen publicly for the first time on Thursday since it was announced he planned to step back for front-line royal duties, as he took part in the Rugby League World Cup draw at Buckingham Palace.