Police hunt mystery vegetable throwers after swede crashes through patrol car's windshield

Police in Devon are investigating more than a dozen incidents of large root vegetables being thrown at moving vehicles, including one which smashed the windscreen of a patrol car responding to an incident.

Authorities say there have been 17 recorded incidents of large vegetables, including turnips and swedes, being thrown at vehicles on the A380 between Newton Abbot and Torquay in Devon since November last year.

In the latest incident on Sunday night, a swede thrown from the side of the road smashed through the windscreen of an armed response patrol car responding to an emergency.

Another officer said those inside were "fine, but very annoyed", were unable to attend the incident they had been called out to, and sustained £500 worth of damages to their vehicle.

The A380 (in yellow) where the incidents took place Credit: Google Maps

Last month, a motorist was driving home when a swede smashed into the side of his silver Range Rover.

In a third incident, another motorist said a turnip had been chucked from a bridge damaging their car.

“This is now the 17th recorded incident since November 6, 2019, where objects have been thrown at vehicles on the A380 between Newton Abbot and Torquay,” a Devon and Cornwall Police spokesperson said.

“A substantial amount of damage has been caused to vehicles and this has the potential to cause a serious accident."