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Strangers make 'Earth sandwich' with slices of bread on opposite sides of planet

The two sandwich makers laid their slice of bread down on opposite sides of the planet. Credit: Etienne Naude/Angel Sierra

Two strangers living on different sides of the world have created an "Earth sandwich" by laying a slice of bread on the ground at precise opposite locations.

As Etienne Naude placed his side of the sandwich down in New Zealand, Spaniard Angel Sierra did the same on the other side of the globe - creating a sandwich with 7,890 miles (12,700km) of Earth filling.

Mr Naude calculated the exact locations using an online tool called Tunnel To The Other Side Of The Earth before going in search of a fellow sandwich maker to help make his dream a reality.

Either side of the sandwich carefully arranged on opposite ends of the Earth. Credit: Etienne Naude/Angel Sierra

The student from Auckland posted on a Spanish message board on Reddit and eventually found Mr Sierra, a 34-year-old chef, who was happy to help.

After two months of careful planning, and one failed sandwich attempt, the pair successfully created their Earth snack.

Mr Naude made his way to nearby Bucklands Beach, while Mr Sierra travelled the few kilometres from his home in Ronda, near Malaga, to reach the spot’s opposite point.

So the Earth sandwich was created by two strangers 12,427 miles (20,000km) apart over the surface of the planet.

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To be sure of a successful sandwich, Mr Sierra lay nine pieces of bread on the ground just in case the measurements were slightly off.

Both men used the same type of bread too.

Meanwhile Mr Naude marked the occasion with some laser engraved bread created at The University of Auckland.

The 20 slices show a miniature visualisation of the Earth sandwich.

The 19-year-old said "communication" was one of the biggest challenges to the project but said it "did live up to expectations".

Mr Sierra said it was the best sandwich he had ever made, saying: "Not juicy nor dry, not too spicy nor bland, it has all the toppings and all the sauces in it.

"I can’t do it better."

The proportions on Mr Naude's visualisation were slightly different to reality. Credit: Etienne Naude

It seems the global sandwich making experience has helped spark an international friendship.

The pair have continued to keep in contact, with Mr Naude adding: "Angel seems like a great guy and if he ever comes to New Zealand I’ll be very happy to meet up with him for a chat."

The duo are not, however, the first to construct an Earth sandwich - artist Ze Frank masterminded a similar scheme, also in Spain and New Zealand, back in 2006.