Labour leadership hopeful Lisa Nandy would attend State Banquet for Donald Trump

Labour leadership hopeful Lisa Nandy has said she would attend any State Banquet at Buckingham Palace with President Donald Trump if she were to win the contest.

Ms Nandy's comments put her at odds with outgoing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who last year declined an invitation to a State Banquet held for Mr Trump when the US President visited the UK in June.

Speaking on ITV's Peston, Ms Nandy instead she would "go to the palace" in order to "have the argument with Donald Trump".

Jeremy Corbyn refused to attend a State Banquet held for President Trump's visit. Credit: PA

Ms Nandy told ITV News's Political Editor Robert Peston it was important to "engage" adding that the Labour Party has to "go out and win those arguments".

"If we want to create a more ethical foreign policy then we're going to have to go out and we're going to have to take on the argument with people like Donald Trump."

Pressed on whether she would accept an invite to such an event with President Trump, the Wigan MP said: "You should go to the palace, and you should have the argument with Donald Trump".

It is expected Rebecca Long-Bailey (L) will join Sir Keir Starmer and Lisa Nandy on the final ballot. Credit: PA

On Tuesday, Ms Nandy secured the endorsement of industrial union GMB, giving her campaign a major boost.

Starting the race as somewhat of an underdog, the Wigan MP said she "could not be more proud" to win the support of GMB.

By winning support from three Labour affiliates, including two trade unions, Ms Nandy was able to beat Rebecca Long-Bailey in becoming the second name on the final ballot paper - joining the frontrunner of the race, Sir Keir Starmer.

Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry, the race's most experienced MP, is also yet to make the final ballot.

Keir Starmer remains the man to beat as the next Labour leader. Credit: PA

Questioned on how progressive the Labour Party will be perceived to be if another "white, middle-aged man" is chosen as leader, Ms Nandy said: "It's true we've got to walk the walk on equality," but added "we've got to get the right candidate for the job".

  • Lisa Nandy tells Robert Peston, "you have now been asking me questions about men for a very long time":

The candidates have until February 14 to lobby Constituency Labour Parites, unions and affiliates for support, before the final decision is passed to Labour supporters.

Labour members, registered supporters and affiliated supporters will have from February 21 to April 2 to elect a new leader, which will be announced on April 4.