Michael Palin: Terry Jones was the 'spirit of Monty Python'

Michael Palin has described former co-star Terry Jones as "the spirit of Monty Python", following his death on Tuesday.

Actor and writer Jones died aged 77 after suffering from a rare form of dementia, FTD.

Palin worked alongside Jones for many years on the sketch show Monty Python in addition to films such as The Life of Brian.

"Terry was an instigator, Terry started things, Terry was the spirit of Python, he kept things moving on," Palin told ITV News.

"When we thought 'we've had enough', Terry said 'no, let's do another series'."

Palin and Jones together in 2005. Credit: PA

The pair were always close on and off screen and Palin would visited Jones in recent years.

"It's such a major loss, it's left a gap in my life.

"In the last three years he's not been very communicative because of the particular type of dementia he was suffering, which, ironically, closed down one of the many things he was good at which was using words.

"That I won't be able to talk to him, even if he isn't listening, is sad.

"In a way I am quite relieved for him and the family around... he wasn't happy towards the end."

Jones will be remembered by the masses for his work in comedy, but Palin is left will more personal memories.

"He was enormously supportive of me. He was always there to help, wherever he could, he was a most unselfish man."

Eric Idle and John Cleese have also paid tribute to their co-star, the latter saying: "It feels strange that a man of so many talents and such endless enthusiasm, should have faded so gently away..." He added: "Two down, four to go."