Front pages: Growing fears as tests for 'killer virus' in UK

Friday’s front pages are dominated by concerns over the risk posed by China’s coronavirus.

The Times reports on the “growing fears” over the virus as tests begin in the UK, the Financial Times leads with “Chinese cities on lockdown”, and the i quotes a specialist as saying Britain should expect to see cases.

The Daily Mail asks “Is the killer virus here?”

Metro and the Daily Mirror report on UK patients being placed in isolation.

The Independent also covers the coronavirus as well as a criminal investigation into dozens of baby deaths at a Kent hospital.

“Police give up on charging thieves”, The Daily Telegraph says, adding some forces have been subject to criticism from a former Scotland Yard chief for failing to bring prosecutions for theft.

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is on the front of the Daily Express saying achieving a trade deal with the UK by the end of the year is Washington’s “absolute priority”.

The HS2 rail project is years behind schedule and billions of pounds over budget, according to an independent report carried by The Guardian.