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At least 37 dead and several missing after deadly floods and landslides hit Brazil

The death toll has risen. Credit: AP

At least 37 people have died after two days of heavy rains caused flooding and landslides in south-east Brazil.

Civil defence officials said 17 people are listed as missing and 2,600 were evacuated from their homes in Minas Gerais state, which has been buffeted by 48 hours of torrential rains.

The death toll had stood at 30 earlier on Sunday.

Houses hit by flooding in Minas Gerais state. Credit: AP

Deaths were reported in the state capital of Belo Horizonte and in the state’s interior.

The state capital, Belo Horizonte, recorded 171 millimetres (6.7 inches) in one 24-hour period from Thursday to Friday - the highest rainfall in 110 years.

State Governor Gustavo Zema declared a state of emergency in 47 cities, a measure meant to facilitate federal disaster aid.

He will fly over the affected areas on Sunday to evaluate the damage and announced three days of official mourning for those killed in the floods and landslides.

More rain is expected in Minas Gerais as well as other parts of Brazil, including Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.