A deer has had a helping hand from Kentucky police officers after becoming trapped in a near-freezing swimming pool.

The animal was found motionless with its front hooves slouched over the edge of the pool.

Officers were called to the pool on January 20, in a rural area of Fayette County, around 200 miles north of Nashville.

Video captured the moment an officer attempted to pull the deer’s front legs but failed to drag the animal out of the pool, having to call for backup.

Another officer then grabs the doe’s hind legs, when they finally manage to lift the animal out of the cold water.

The deer was helped from the pool by police and soon ran away. Credit: Lexington Police

The soaked deer immediately stands up and runs back into the fields.

"Well, she’s good!" the officer said after the rescue.

"You never know what a day on patrol will bring!" the Lexington Police Department tweeted.

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