Father 'numb' after three siblings among four children hit by car and killed while on way to buy ice cream in Sydney

A father has spoken of his heartbreak after three of his children were among four killed when they were hit by a car while on their way to buy ice cream.

The four children were among seven struck on the pavement by an SUV driven by an allegedly drunk driver in Sydney on Saturday evening.

Police in Australia said Samuel Davidson has been charged with 20 offences.

The brother of the three siblings who were killed is in a serious condition in hospital.

The fourth child killed was the daughter of their father’s cousin.

All seven children were reportedly going to the same house to be babysat.

The father, Danny Abdallah, told reporters on Sunday he was heartbroken.

"I don't know what to say. I'm numb,” Mr Abdallah said.

“All I want to say is please, drivers, be careful.

"These kids were just walking innocently enjoying each other's company... and this morning I woke up and I have lost three kids," he added.

His children Antony, 13, Angelina, 12 and Sienna, 9, were killed.

Their 10-year-old bother is in serious but stable condition.

Mr Abdallah and his wife Leila had six children.

He said his cousin lost an 11-year-old child, Veronique Sakr.

Two other girls aged 10 and 13 suffered minor injuries, authorities said.

A woman pauses with a young girl near flowers placed at the scene. Credit: AP

Davidson was arrested at the scene on Saturday and remained in custody.

The 20 charges against him, including four of manslaughter, were read in a Sydney court on Sunday.

He did not appear in court and was refused bail until his next court appearance on April 2.

Davidson allegedly recorded a blood alcohol concentration of 0.15% - three-times the legal limit in Australia.

He has not entered any pleas.

Manslaughter carries a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison.

Acting Assistant Police Commissioner Jason Joyce said the driver remained at the scene until the police arrived and there were indications his 24-year-old male passenger tried to help some of the children.

Neither the driver nor the passenger was injured.

Mr Abdallah said all seven of the injured children were staying at his house.

"They were all coming over to get babysat. I told them: 'Just go for a walk, little walk, stay together. You should be OK,’" he said.