Down, boy! Naughty dog knocks over iron and sparks house blaze

A naughty dog nearly bit off more than he could chew after he knocked over a plugged-in iron and started a house fire.

Two pet pooches are seen wandering around their living room one when of the black dogs jumps up and knocks and iron onto the ground.

A fire quickly erupts and the two dogs look at the blaze - before calmly walking out the room and the house.

The Los Alamos County Fire Department (LAFD), in New Mexico, has released footage of the incident to warn homeowners of the dangers household appliances can cause.

The dog looks on attentively at the corner of the room after just knocking over an iron. Credit: Los Alamos County Fire Department/EVN

In a statement, they said: "LAFD recommends homeowners ensure that smoke alarms are installed and working, that no combustible items be placed on or within three feet of heating devices or heat-producing appliances."

Luckily both pets were evacuated to safety, even if it was with the tails between their legs.