Layla Moran brands Jo Swinson's election campaign 'arrogant' as she considers Lib Dem leadership bid

Liberal Democrat Layla Moran has branded the general election campaign ran by former leader Jo Swinson as "arrogant", as she admitted a party takeover could be on the cards for herself in the summer.

In a chat for ITV News podcast Acting Prime Minister, the Oxford West MP said the party "spectacularly failed" to manage voter expectations, adding how Ms Swinson made a "mistake" in claiming ahead of the election that she could be prime minister.

She told podcast host Paul Brand that Ms Swinson's claim, "combined with the high numbers of seats that we were predicting, that made us look a bit hubristic".

"Combined with revoke, that was seen as arrogant... so I do think there were mistakes that were made," she added.

Despite admitting her own role in the party's poor general election performance, Ms Moran thinks she "could do" the job of leader and is considering whether to run to replace Ms Swinson.

"I've been really open that it is a job that I would consider," she said, "but I'm definitely not at the point where I'm going to say that I would definitely do it."

Ms Moran said she is weighing up whether she is the right person to take the party forward and "might be ready by the summer" - when the leadership election will be held - to make her decision.

She also opened up about her decision to come out as pansexual, which was widely publicised at the time.

She told Paul how after a lifetime of dating men, to her surprise she fell in love with a woman, but decided the term pansexual described her better than bisexual.

Pansexual, she says, "is very much about the person, not about the fact that they are a woman or a man, its not about anything that's a physical attribute of the person, it's about the person inside".

Despite being a fervent Remainer, the 37-year-old former teacher said if it was up to her, she would not try to rejoin the EU.

"The reason why I don't think I would go immediately to rejoin now is that there is a huge amount of work still to do in convincing the whole of the country that that is where we want to go as a country," she said.

She said she would call for a new referendum, "as soon as the country wanted to rejoin", but said "we're probably talking a generation" before that would happen.

Listen to the full podcast to hear Ms Moran talking about her unusual upbringing and which current Cabinet ministers she thinks should be kicked out.

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