What the fox! Chaos in Parliament after intruder strays in

A fox in Parliament in London Credit: @GiuseppeSollo

A fox caused all manner of chaos after wandering into Parliament on Thursday evening.

The creature was spotted by staff ascending a staircase and making its way into Portcullis House, evading police as it went.

A message on Conservative MP Julia Lopez’s Twitter account read: “Team Lopez: just leaving Westminster office for the night and see a fox climbing escalator into Portcullis House!

“We have seen some strange things in Parliament since 2017, but this tops it!”

Another social media user shared a picture of the fugitive fox eyeing a member of the authorities with suspicion.

And some were unfortunate enough to come across what appeared to be fox droppings after the creature’s political adventure.

“So apparently there was a fox running around in Portcullis House atrium about half an hour ago, and now I’ve just found this outside my office (2 floors up!) #Foxontherun” Labour MP Kerry McCarthy tweeted.

Footage shared on social media showed the fox being removed from a building in a blue box, before being released on to the pavement.