Inside the lab working to find a vaccine for the deadly coronavirus

ITV News has seen inside the French lab where a vaccine for the coronavirus is being developed.

The flu-like virus that has broken out in China has researchers worldwide scrambling to find a vaccine against a surprise health threat, with no guarantee one will arrive in time.

Scientists from Australia to France, along with a list of biotech and vaccine companies, have jumped into the race, pursuing different types of inoculations.

Parts of Asia are on high-alert over the highly contagious virus. Credit: AP

In the Pasteur Institute in Paris, biosecurity is high.

It is where samples of suspected coronavirus come from across France.

Scientists are using one of nature's most infectious viruses to target the coronavirus.

They are taking a tried and tested vaccine for measles and genetically engineering it so it looks to the body's immune system, like the coronavirus.

They're starting by splicing some of the genetic code from the coronavirus into bacteria - this produces large amounts of it without risking infection.

Facemasks are now mandatory in parts of China amid virus concerns. Credit: AP

Outside the lab - the world waits for a vaccine, amid an increasingly grim picture.

At least 565 people have died from the virus, which spread from a market in Wuhan.

Parts of China are on lockdown, with people, including Britons living overseas, confined to their homes.

In the UK, a new case of the virus has emerged.

The third person to be diagnosed in the UK became ill after travelling to Singapore, ITV News understands.

Meanwhile a Chinese doctor who got into trouble with authorities for issuing an early warning about the outbreak has died after contracting the illness, a Chinese hospital reported.