Storm Ciara: UK braced for winter battering

The United Kingdom is in for a winter walloping this weekend as Storm Ciara crashes into the British Isles.

After a calm, cold, crisp couple of days it's all change into Saturday as winds will strengthen ahead of the arrival of the storm. There'll be gales in places - the strongest winds across Scotland.

Expect very gusty, blustery conditions for the Six Nations when Scotland play England at Murrayfield on Saturday afternoon with gusts topping 55mph.

Through the early hours of Sunday, Storm Ciara (pronounced Kiera as in Kiera Knightley) will sweep onto our shores affecting the entire British Isles, bringing widespread damaging gusts of wind reaching in excess 70-80mph in places and leading to some damage to infrastructure and disruption to travel.

Coasts will be prone to big battering waves and chopping ferry crossings.

Coasts are expected to have some large waves this weekend as the storm approaches. Credit: PA

The storm is powered by an exceptionally faster Jet Stream than we are used to - all due to a strong temperature contrast in the US.

Wind speeds will reach around 265mph miles up the upper atmosphere - making for some shorter flight times from the United States this weekend (although landing might be bumpy and more drawn out...)!

It's looking to be the strongest storm of the season, the windiest weather of the winter yet - and notable for the huge area it's likely to impact.

Together with the exceptionally windy weather - there'll be some persistent and heavy rain.