'Please have me to stay': Rory Stewart asks Londoners to invite him for sleepovers

London mayoral candidate Rory Stewart is urging people to invite him round for sleepovers, as part of his plan to win election.

The former Tory leadership hopeful who is running as an independent posted a video to Twitter in which he asked Londoners to invite him "into their homes and show me the city through their eyes".

He admitted it's a "weird request" from a politician, but claimed the "way mayors get to know their cities is by literally walking through every one of the 32 boroughs".

He said "being in other people's shoes, seeing through their eyes, staying in their houses" will help him learn people's "concerns" and "ideas".

"So please," he said in the video, "have me to stay with your family, or just in your home, seeing your borough".

He even promised to "bring a sleeping bag and a box of chocolates".

He shared a link to a sign-up page for those interested in having him stay, which asks them to fill in their contact details.

Mr Stewart, who is running as an independent after quitting the Tory Party, told visitors to the website how "he knows change can’t happen sitting behind a desk".

He continued: "So whether you have a floor or a sofa, from Havering to Hounslow, in council flats to houseboats, Rory would love you to show him your London."

The #ComeKipWithMe idea appears to be a continuation of the #RoryWalks campaign, which saw the politician tour the country in his bid to become Tory leader.

The 47-year-old decided to run to be an independent London mayor after having the Tory whip removed along with 20 other rebels who had voted against the government over Brexit.

He is up against incumbent Labour mayor Sadiq Khan, Tory Shaun Bailey, Liberal Democrat Siobhan Benita and Green Party co-leader Sian Berry.