'I'd invite everyone to Downing Street for a drink': What comedian Andy Parsons would do as Prime Minister

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After a fairly serious start to the year - with coronavirus, heightened tensions between the US and Iran and Harry and Meghan stepping down as senior royals - we're joined in this week's episode of the Acting Prime Minister podcast by a comedian to help lighten the mood a bit.

Andy Parsons, a political satirist and panellist on Have I Got News for You and Mock The Week, is currently touring the country with his show "Healing the Nation".

In the podcast where we hand a guest the imaginary keys to Number 10 and ask them what they would do as PM, Andy tells ITV News Political Correspondent Paul Brand who he'd have in his Cabinet, why he is wary about what a UK-US trade deal could look like - and questioned the outcry over Huawei's involvement in the UK's 5G network.

"It's interesting with the Chinese isn't it. We don't want them to be part of our 5G network, in terms of the core components, but we're quite happy to let them build the next nuclear reactor in this country," Andy said.

"They can cause a nuclear core meltdown, but they will know nothing of the survivors' WhatsApp group that we set up afterwards," he joked.

Andy, who backed Remain and was a supporter for a second EU referendum, says during his tour he could tell public opinion during the election was with the Tories and their "get Brexit done" message.

And in a measure likely to prove popular with the electorate, Andy tells us why he'd invite everyone to Downing Street for a drink if he was prime minister. But what would be the scandal be that would bring him down?