World Number One Novak Djokovic joins kids for late-night game of tennis in hometown Belgrade

Novak Djokovic has been praised after video emerged of the tennis World Number One playing a late-night game with some young fans in Belgrade.

The 32-year-old, who won his eighth Australian Open last month, is taking time out from competing to be in Serbia to promote an event connected with his Foundation.

The video, captured by a local resident from his balcony, shows Djokovic taking part in an impromptu tennis match with three kids in the evening.

Djokovic said the rallying was "spontaneous" before adding: "These are the moments one lives for, my heart was full."

The 32-year-old tennis player won his 17th grand slam title at the Australian Open last month. Credit: AP

In a recent interview, the tennis champion credited growing up in war-torn Serbia for his success.

He said: "My upbringing was in Serbia during several wars during ’90s, difficult time, embargo in our country where we had to wait in line for bread, milk, water, some basic things in life.

"These kinds of things make you stronger and hungrier for success, I think, in whatever you choose to do," he added.

When asked about playing tennis in the Serbian capital at his academy, Djokovic said: "It was spontaneous, first time I saw someone playing tennis in the neighbourhood,” Djokovic said at his academy in the Serbian capital.

"I saw someone recording, but I didn’t know it’s out there.

"We marked the lines and I promised them the net. These are the moments one lives for, my heart was full," he added.