A couple who went missing after watching the sunset on Valentine's Day during a hike have been found more than a week later.

The pair, both in their 70s, disappeared in California after getting lost in dense woodland near Inverness, north of San Francisco.

They had set out for the romantic walk during daylight but became disorientated after it went dark.

Suspicions were raised after the couple failed to check out of a holiday rental the following day. They had left behind their money, phones and vehicle keys.

The couple had gone missing after stepping out for a sunset walk on Valentine's Day. Credit: Marin County Sheriff's Office

The couple then missed an appointment on Sunday, sparking an "extensive" search later that afternoon due to their disappearance being "out of character".

Rescuers started a search for the couple, Carol Kiparsky and Ian Irwin, but had given up hope of finding them after a week of fruitless hunting.

On Saturday, they were found by a police dog when the rescue team stopped to take a break and heard them calling for help.

Footage from rescuers shows them being lifted into a helicopter after they were rescued.

Police issued his image of rescuers to thank them for their efforts. Credit: Marin County Sheriff's Office

The couple are now in hospital following their week-long ordeal, local police said they are "in amazing spirits and have expressed their gratitude to everyone for the well wishes during their recovery".

Marin County Sheriff's Office added they are being treated for "extensive abrasions from the dense brush" and "look forward to telling their story in time".

Eight state agencies helped with the search, pulling together a team of more than 60 rescuers, the local sheriff's office said.