World's most expensive sheepdog called Megan sells for £18k

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Ivor Bennett

A border collie from Northumberland has become the world's most expensive sheepdog after being sold to an American ranch owner for £18,900.

Megan, who was sold at an auction in Yorkshire, will go to herd cows on a ranch in Oklahoma - while Megan's owner told ITV News she'll be sorry to see her go.

Megan will be herding American cattle when she reaches Oklahoma. Credit: ITV News

Emma Gray said: "It's really hard to imagine that much money tied up in one little dog but to be honest we're not treating her any differently.

"She likes doing her farm work and she likes rounding up sheep so if we tried to stop doing that or wrap her in cotton wool, she wouldn't like it, this is what she is suited for."

Megan will go from herding sheep in the north-east of England to rounding up Wagyu cattle in Oklahoma.

Emma Gray, her owner, said that Megan is the full package. Credit: ITV News

Ms Gray said: "Meg's the full package, she has really really wonderful breeding behind her, she has supreme champions on both sides, she's also got all the health tests that she needs.

"I think it's not very often that a dog like her comes onto the market, something that's got so much potential that's already been there and done that already." .

Ms Gray has treated her prized asset to one creature comfort since the record-breaking sale, a roast chicken from Marks and Spencer.

Megan is due to travel to the US in about three weeks.