Syrian children killed after 10 schools bombed in one single day

  • Warning: This video contains images viewers may find distressing

When it comes to bombing hospitals and schools during almost nine years of civil war in Syria, President Assad and his forces are serial offenders.

But as they up their attacks on Idlib, the last rebel stronghold, they hit 10 school buildings - the most to be attacked so far in one day.

Each day brings yet more deaths in Idlib as bodies are being carried through the Syrian streets and ambulances are filled to capacity.

On the ground where they fell - a long body and a little one - age is no protection here.

Children shelled in their classrooms, these are the children who went to school unharmed - and left with their lives in the balance kept alive by rudimentary support.

This is what childhood looks like in Idlib - a tiny wounded child with bloody fingers plays with button on his father's coat in the hope of finding familiarity.

And this is what childhood sounds like - when a child mews like an animal rather than cries.

Some of those so gravely injured were seeking shelter in school buildings - displaced from their homes.

An empty classroom following the bomb attack.

A resident says: "We were sitting at home and heard the jets and the regime hit. The children were playing here. So many were killed or injured."

Schools and hospitals are supposed to be places of safety - but they is no sanctuary here just pain and suffering.

There will be condemnation, there will be calls for a ceasefire but words count for very little now.

If these images look familiar it is because they are - and will continue to be.

The only thing that is certain here is that these will not be the last of Syria's dead.