Tesco bakery job losses reveal changing tastes

Some 1,816 workers are now at risk of redundancy as 58 more Tesco in-store bakeries take pre-prepared bread, which will be finished in store.

The brand has announced 201 of the bakeries will now only make the most popular breads from scratch. Many of Tesco’s other in-store bakeries already take in pre-prepared loaves.

The shop workers union, USDAW, has called this "devastating and upsetting news" for its bakery members working at the supermarket.

Tesco says it hopes to offer alternative roles to those affected.

Consumers are increasingly opting to buy products like flatbreads and bagels. Credit: PA

The supermarket is blaming our changing tastes in baked goods. It says customers are buying fewer traditional loaves. Increasingly we are opting for alternatives such as wraps, flatbreads and bagels.

Industry figures show that our daily bread is often no longer actually bread.

The Grocer magazine found that four in 10 of us are turning away from the traditional sliced loaf in favour of alternative breads such as wraps and pittas.

Tesco will cut 1,800 jobs through the restructure. Credit: PA

Nigel Frith, a senior market analyst at asktraders told ITV News: "With low carb diets being the order of the day, it is not that surprising to hear that Britain is buying less traditional bread.

"Adapting to changing customer needs is essential in the cutthroat food retail business.

"As Tesco looks to re-position towards lower carb alternatives, the result is a culling of 1,800 jobs.

"Its proving difficult to gauge investors reactions given that the news has come on the same day that Tesco revealed that it is leaving China.

"However, what is clear is that Tesco is taking a serious look at its business and disposing of what it views as unnecessary parts. The share price is down some three per cent heading into the close."