CCTV catches saboteurs spraying 'foul-smelling' liquid over Knightsbridge restaurant

Saboteurs have been caught on camera spraying a foul-smelling liquid over the front of a family-run restaurant near Harrods, leaving diners with nausea and vomiting.

The Metropolitan Police has released footage of two out of three attacks on the family-run restaurant near Knightsbridge in an attempt to trace one or more of the suspects.

The CCTV shows a man on two different nights - February 19 and February 25 - walking up to the shopfront in Bromptom Road with a plastic bag before pulling an object out of it - possibly a syringe - and holding it near the entrance.

Police say it could be the same man on two different nights, or two different men.

Detectives believe the substance was a strong-smelling food preservative, and during the second attack witnesses were left with nausea and vomiting and were sent to hospital.

Police later linked the two February attacks to an incident last October, which was treated as a chemical spill at the time and saw 27 people evacuated from neighbouring flats.

They also released pictures of two men they wish to speak to in connection with the incident in October last year.

Two men police wish to speak to in connection with the incident in October. Credit: PA

Detective Constable Danielle Sapsford said police could not determine motive "at this stage" but said the attacks were "targeted".

"Whoever is behind them must be aware of the damage they have caused to this family-run business... this has caused great distress to the owner and we want to bring this to an end," she said.

Officers have not released the name of the restaurant.

  • Anyone with information can call DC Sapsford by dialling 101, quoting CAD1293/25Feb20, or to stay anonymous contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or online