Julia Gillard: The former Australian Prime Minister on girls' education and her unforgettable speech on misogyny

Australia's first and only female Prime Minister Julia Gillard sat down with ITV News presenter Julie Etchingham to talk all things gender equality.

In this latest episode of our interview series Ask a Woman, the Welsh-born former leader reflected on her famous 2012 speech in the Australian Parliament on misogyny which was recently crowned 'the most unforgettable moment in Australian TV'.

In this speech, Ms Gillard accused the opposition leader at the time, Tony Abbott, and his party of sexism, saying that “the government will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man”. The clip went viral.

Ms Gillard told Julie Etchingham: "I get asked about it in media interviews, that speech, I also have women sort of run up to me in the street including here in London to talk about that speech."

Almost ten years on from that iconic moment, Ms Gillard has kept the issue at the top of her agenda working as Chair of The Global Partnership for Education. She is in the UK to support the government’s call for all girls to receive 12 years of quality education.

Ms Gillard told Julie: "It's the one thing that you can do which will make a difference to economic opportunity, to health status, to climate change, to peace and security and I think all of that body of evidence means people are more prepared now to invest - and invest in a continuing way."

Julia also talks to Julie about the controversial immigration policies she oversaw while in office, why she wants Australia to be independent from the British monarchy and how toxicity online is preventing more women from becoming world leaders.

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