• Video report by ITV News Wales & West of England Correspondent Rupert Evelyn

Skegness could lose its town mascot, the Jolly Fisherman, who has represented the Lincolnshire seaside resort since 1908.

Councillors are set to meet on Wednesday to discuss the mascot, which originated on a railway poster, with the caption "Skegness is so bracing".

Health and safety concerns are thought to have cast doubt on the future of the costume, with official documents from the local authority stating: "the costumes have been well worn, are very dirty and will need specialist cleaning before they can be worn again."

The local business improvement group, which previously was the costume's gatekeeper, has stopped offering the costume for functions, having handed it back to the council which is retaining it for "safe keeping".

But the council has said it has "no provision to store" the costume, it is currently being kept in the Mayor's parlour until a more suitable home can be found.

The mascot has represented the town since 1908, when it appeared on a railway poster. Credit: Visit Lincs Coast BID / Facebook

The council has also cited difficulty finding volunteers for the costume, alongside 20 minute restrictions on the length of time a person can spend inside it, and the need for the costume operator to have a background check if working around children.

One woman, who works at a local hotel but didn't want to be named, told ITV News: "The town isn't losing its mascot as we'll still have the statue by the clock town and station.

"I think it's sad for the town to lose the costume - what if KFC didn't have the bloke dressed up in the chicken outside?

"I don't understand why the BID took it on and now don't want."

The fisherman has become a recognisable sight for fans of the seaside resort. Credit: Visit Lincs Coast BID / Facebook

The mascot has previously been the subject of a campaign by animal rights group PETA, which demanded it was dropped saying there was "no plaice" for it in a modern society.

Councillors are set to make a decision on the mascot at a meeting on Wednesday evening.

In a statement, spokesperson said: "Skegness Town Council’s discussion tonight is whether the Town Council should store the costume and operate the character," adding it would issue an update once a decision has been made on its future.